Talladega City Schools Foundation:

Expanding Educational Opportunities

The Talladega City Schools Foundation is a local foundation whose purpose is to fund special programs and projects beyond the required minimum state program for students in the Talladega City Schools.

The Foundation is made up of 25 business people, civic leaders and individuals who represent a cross section of the population and who have shown an interest in helping children of our community and offering them expanded educational opportunities. The Foundation is a separate entity from the Talladega City Board of Education and is responsible for making its own decisions.

Students benefit greatly from the work of the Foundation. The future of our community is in the hands of our children, and education is the key. If our students are going to compete for the better jobs in the future and achieve success in a competitive world, they need more educational opportunities than state and local funding can provide.

Through a grants process, the Foundation has provided funds directly to teachers and students in the classrooms for equipment, supplies, maps and globes, computer software and printers, microscopes, calculators, video tapes and DVDs, musical instruments, reading enrichment programs, infant simulators, and much, much more. The Foundation has also contributed to an artist in residence program for all elementary schools in the system.

Since its inception, the Foundation has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to teachers in Talladega city classrooms for a wide variety of educational enrichment projects.