Archery Team Going to Nationals

The R. L. Young Elementary School 2012 Archery Team, consisting of 20 outstanding students, has qualified to compete at the National Competition in Kentucky on May 11th. This is quite an honor for these boys and girls, because they are 1 of 12 teams that made it. Young is very proud of this accomplishment, but we are also working diligently to raise the $5,000 it will take to help provide accommodations for an overnight trip out of state, the entrance fee, and additional expenses that naturally occur when traveling.

We are located in Bemiston and serve 240 students. You can learn more about our awesome school by visiting our school blog located online at

R. L. Young boasts many accolades such as strong parent support and school pride a mile long. We love our students and enjoy being with each other every day.

We hope people in the local community can be of assistance for this worthwhile cause. If you can help in any way to make this trip possible for our Archery Team, it will be appreciated.


Pattie Thomas
Proud Principal of R. L. Young