Tornado Relief

When Erin B.’s mom found out through a Facebook friend that St. Clair county was in desperate need of help following the recent tornado,  she and Erin decided to travel to St. Clair county to help. It was then and there Erin decided she wanted her friends and the students at Ellis to help her help others. Through announcements and word of mouth, students began to bring in items to help those who were recently victimized by the tornadoes that recently crossed our state. Mr. Lipscomb agreed to help organize donated canned food items, while Erin and her friends organized the toiletry items. Pictured above are Erin B., Brittany H., Bri G., Ashleigh F., and the 69 toiletry bags they will take to the Red Cross. $145.34 was also collected that will be taken along with the canned goods. The kind-heartedness of all our students and teachers is to be commended.

From the Zora Ellis Blog